Why Hemp?

Hemp is a “super plant” that delivers a long list of highly sustainable and healthy benefits and is seeing a massive growth in awareness and demand.

Hemp Seed Oil

Hemp seed oil originates from the seed of the hemp plant. Similar to coconut or fish oil, hemp seed oil contains healthy fats and omega 3’s and 6’s that are shown to:

  • Reduce muscle inflammation
  • Boost immune system
  • Reduce diabetes
  • Benefit the brain and heart via healthy fats

Hemp Extract

Hemp extract is a product that is generated by grinding up the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant, extracting the valuable compounds, and producing an oil that has shown promise for its health and wellness properties. Although more research is needed for FDA approval, some early reports have shown that hemp extract may:

  • Alleviate autoimmune symptoms
  • Fight cancer-related symptoms
  • Reduce pain
  • Combat stress and anxiety
  • Help with depression

“There are established pathways for introducing new substances into the human or animal food supply, which apply to hemp-derived substances in the same way as they do to any other substances. Under one such pathway, certain hemp seed-derived products (dehulled hemp seeds, hemp seed protein, and hemp seed oil), which contain de minimis levels of CBD, currently can be lawfully marketed in human food without the need for any further FDA approval, provided the products do not make drug claims or claims that are false or misleading, and that they comply with all other applicable requirements.”

December 2019 - Source: https://hempsupporter.com/assets/uploads/FDA-CBD-Report.pdf